Transform Your Bathroom into a Beauty Boudoir

There is a world of things you can do to lift the mood and level of luxury in your bathroom without undergoing a full renovation. To transform your beauty space from lacklustre to boudoir, channel your inner creative and consider incorporating the pieces below.

1. A Gorgeous Tray for Your Products

If you have an assortment of beautifully packaged bathroom products, why not display them on a rustic bronze plate or perhaps a modern, ceramic tray? Not only will this look worthy of an editorial but you will find your favourite perfume, moisturiser and product will be easy to reach.

2. A Rejuvenating Scented Candle

From maintaining your skin care ritual and preening for events to soaking in a gorgeous tub, it’s easy to spend hours in your bathroom. Adding a glass jar candle with an invigorating or relaxing scent will bring a touch of Zen and luxury to the space.

3. A Beautiful Collection of Towels

To ensure your bathroom never feels bland, bring in some texture and colour with a chic set of towels. Choosing the ultimate woven mat or printed hand towel by hopping online and seeing what your favourite brands have to offer that could add the right vibe.

4. A Little Pot or Vase of Plant Life

Whether you’re one to make a weekly trip to the market for a fresh bouquet of blooms or prefer a more long-term investment like a succulent, greenery will add life to your bathroom. Plants such as lavender not only look lovely but have calming health benefits.

5. A Selection of Perspex Organisers

Dividing all your bathroom essentials across drawers and cupboards with carefully selected containers will help ensure your return things to their designated space. Transparent organisers will ensure you can see exactly where things are. Think about what you need to store and shop accordingly.

6. A Design-Savvy Magazine Holder

Introduce a touch of culture to your beauty boudoir with a selection of your favourite publications. The next time you paint your nails, pop on a facemask or take a bath, they’ll be ready to read. Storing them in a functional yet cool holder will also act as a design feature.

7. A Funky Bath-Side Stool

Porcelain stools (as little side tables) have become quite the interior must-have. Available in a whole range of colours, shapes and aesthetic styles, they make the perfect bath-side companion for books, candles, flowers and more. We particularly enjoy using them to hold a cup of our favourite tea.

There is a world of ideas for accessorising your boudoir space. As well as the above, try searching for the ultimate framed print, a feature soap dispenser or even a ladder-like shelving unit. Happy styling!