10 Minutes in the Morning with….. Mrs Australia, Becky Branca

Becky Branca is Mrs Australia Globe 2014, a mother, a model, a stylist and a fashion designer and a flight attendant, which makes her one busy woman! With skin that good, we had to take 10 minutes of her morning to find out just what her secret is…

P: Up with the alarm, or sleep in?

BB: Who needs an alarm when you have 2 kids under 5?

P: Does every morning look the same, or do you like to mix things up?

BB: I’m always on the go and out the door by 8am for kindergarten drop off, and then I take my son to therapy. I’m a designer, so I work in my spare time and I’m just about to return to flying again on weekends as a flight attendant for Virgin. As Mrs Australia I’m an ambassador for a few charities so I will occasionally be doing work for them or attending a social event.

P: Coffee or green juice? How do you take it?

BB: I really want to say green juice but I’ve recently discovered coffee. When training I’ll have it as a short black with a teaspoon of coconut butter for added energy. Otherwise latte with 2 sugars…. So naughty, I know!

P: How many steps in your beauty routine? Do you love your products or prefer to keep things simple?

BB: I like to keep it simple. I cleanse with a built in toner and then I moisturise with Pellelucent lotion for day and cream for night, with an eye cream. Occasionally I’ll use some serum, but I think we get caught up in the hype. As long as you wash your makeup off, eat well, wear SPF, drink water and have a good moisturiser you don’t really need to do much else.

P: Yoga or a run?

BB: Does running around after kids count? I love the gym, but I don’t get much time to go! While training for Mrs Australia, I would train twice a week, but because I’m so active, I don’t need to do much more. Once I’m back flying, I fully intend to take advantage of my overnight flights and do some yoga more for down time.

P: What’s the one product you can’t live without?

BB: Moisturiser! I totally fell in love with the Pellelucent range. There’s nothing like having a fresh face that feels soft and hydrated.

P: Makeup or fresh faced?

BB: I try to be as fresh faced as I can. I won’t wear much if I go out, usually a little foundation, bronzer and mascara and lip gloss. When you have events or shoots you’re fully done up. It’s nice to give your skin a break.

P: What do you read in the morning? iPhone, magazine or print?

BB: iPhone mostly, it’s just easier when you’re on the go. 

P: Breakfast – at the table, or on the go?

BB: I always eat breakfast, most of the time it’s on the go. I eat every 3 hours, I’m a big believer in keeping the furnace burning.

P: What’s the one thing that’s always in your handbag before you head out the door to start your day?

BB: It would be a toss up between sunglasses and lip gloss. I’d have to go with sunnies, it’s so important to protect your eyes from the sun and keep those nasty wrinkles away!

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